Just got back from Paris! I absolutely adored it. Not only was the weather absolutely gorgeous, but the city and culture was also unbelievable.

I was surprised at the amount of cafes and “boulangeries”, which are bakeries that sell baguettes and other fresh breads for only a euro. Unlike Amsterdam, many people did not speak English. I ended up using a lot more French than I had expected.

On the first day, my friend and I walked the streets, stumbling upon Notre Dame Cathedral. It was stunning. Next we walked along the River Seine, the large, clear body of water that runs through the middle of the city. We then arrived at the Louvre, which took forever to get into as the lines circled the infamous glass pyramids outside. However, it was worth it after entering the giant museum, lined with amazing art that stretched for forever. The Mona Lisa was not as crowded as I thought it would be, however unlike the other works of art it was roped off, keeping everyone at a distance.

After the Louvre, I had the best lunch I had ever had in my life at a restaurant called Antiquaires.

I then went to the Museum D’Orsay, which featured mostly French artists. I enjoyed Monet’s work the most.

The shopping in Paris was also amazing, Chanel, Hermes, Tom Ford, Cartier, Missoni and so so many other designer brands lined the Rue de Cambon.

I did the other classic French touristey things, seeing the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysee, and a river tour. However, my favorite thing was the Musee de L’armee. It gives a large background on French wars and leaders, including World War I and II. Napolean’s Tomb also resides within this large area, which was cool to see.

One of my other favorite things that we did was grab two cheeses, a baguette, and a bottle of wine, and watch the sunset under the Eiffel tower. The brie was unlike anything I have ever had.

I hope to go back to Paris, however I am happy to be back in Dublin, which now feels like home 🙂

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