My First Week!

Hi readers!

Like my bio says, my name is Katherine Murray, but I go by Kelli, and I will be studying in Dublin for this semester. These first few days have been quite a whirlwind! I arrived on Monday morning after a 5 hour flight. I crashed in my parents hotel room, and after sleeping for a few hours, we hit the city of Dublin. Dublin is so beautiful. Cobblestone streets, a pub and cafe at every corner, and friendly faces smiling and shouting “Cheers!” at the end of every interaction. I first got my sim card in the city, which allows me to text and call here in Ireland at a place called “3” (similar to a Verizon store). After that, my family and I grabbed a quick bite in a cafe. There are “costas” everywhere, which is similar to a Starbucks. I got my bedding and other room essentials at a place called “Pennys”. They had everything from clothing, to home and kitchen supplies. I would recommend bringing sheets and towels over instead of purchasing them here, because it was hard lugging all the supplies around the streets of Dublin.

That night my parents and I went to a cozy pub called Darkey Kelleys. After eating our burger and fries and sipping our pints, we headed over to the Temple Bar area, and actually went into the Temple Bar. Everyone in there was so friendly and wanted to chat. I met people from the U.S., Ireland, and other countries. The live music was unbelievable. We listened to Irish tunes while swapping stories with strangers.

The next day my parents got me settled at UCD where I got my UCD id, and set up my room. I have 5 other Holy Cross roommates. We each have our own room and bathroom, with a large common space and kitchen.

I am already in love with this charming new city, and cannot wait to share the rest of my adventures with you all. Anyway, I am off to do a walking tour of campus, followed by orientation.